About me

I have owned, worked and trained gun dog breeds for the last 12 years. Namely spaniels & labradors. This has included raising puppies of those breeds. I currently have a 5 and 1/2 year old sprocker spaniel ‘Baxter’.  I believe the experience and knowledge I have gained over the last 12 years has proved invaluable when dealing with behavioural/training issues and working to rectify them. Im passionate about what I do and looking forward to helping you and your dog achieve the very best!




Specialising in puppy training & behaviour.

Extensive knowldege in all gun dog/cross gun dog breeds - Labradors, Spaniels, ladradoodle, cockapoo etc.

Behavioural problems such as jumping up, resource guarding, barking, chewing/biting, hyperactivity, pulling on lead, dog to dog reactivity and dog to human reactivity.

I am a firm believer in positive reward based training. This is absolutely vital when training puppies. A puppy does not know how to behave, we need to show them how to behave correctly. Unfortunately as humans we can be very ‘grey’ in our approach to training our puppies. A prime example of this is with a puppy that jumps up. One minute we are getting our puppy to sit nice and calmly, not praising it for jumping. Then the next minute we are letting our puppy greet our guests at the front door, letting them get fussed and praised for jumping all over them. This is why dogs get confused, we must be CONSISTENT All of the time. Not when it suits us. Dogs are very black & white in how they learn, its humans  that cause confusion.

I am very passionate about raising puppies the right way. I believe the earlier we start training them the right way is vitally important because it doesn’t take them long to start learning the wrong behaviours.
Once the wrong behaviours then become learnt they are alot more difficult to try and reverse. Let’s just start teaching them the right way from day 1 and then we won’t get these issues further down the line.


We will be there every step of the way

You have to appreciate there is no quick way of training your puppy. it doesn't exist!! Heres a few things to remember:

- It’s not easy

- They will make mistakes and so will you(remember how you learnt to ride a bike you fell off a lot!!!)

- Be patient, don’t punish mistakes

- You have to play the long game, CONSISTENCY & REPETITION over time is what gets results

- Don’t expect too much too soon

- Don’t set them up to fail(letting them off the lead to soon, having them out at dinner time, greeting guests at the front door, taking them on the school run)

- Don’t compare them to other dogs you may have had