1/2/1 Puppy Training

Anyone looking for a more personal, bespoke puppy training experience then this is for you.

Not everyone can attend a weekly puppy class or wants to for that matter!!!

We will assist you to train your puppy initially in the comfort of your own home and then progress out into more distarcting environments.

We focus on the breed and needs of your puppy as training shouldn’t be a one size fits all model.

Training starts with an initial consultation, followed by a number of sessions to suit you and your needs.  

During the initial consultation we cover:

  • Any problems you may be experiencing and how to prevent them

  • Common mistakes i see new puppy owners making and alternative training methods to use

  • The fundamentals of puppy training & the power of play/engagement

  • 1/2/1 training exercises with your puppy


*A charge of £25 will be added to all 1/2/1 sessions where travelling over 10 miles from PHDT HQ in Benfleet is incurred.

Puppy looking

Our Training Packages

short-coated fawn dog

Bronze 1/2/1 Training Package

Two x 1/2/1 Training Sessions(60 mins).  Email/Messaging support.

£169.99 (£85 per session)

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photo of man hugging tan dog

Silver 1/2/1 Training Package

1 month programme - Four x 1/2/1 Training sessions(60 mins). Email/Messaging support.

£319.99 (£80 per session)

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Teenage girl with a dog breed Spitz rejoices with a pet at home on the floor. Care and training of a pet. Content Fluffy puppy. To groom long-haired Pomeranian. Orange red

Gold 1/2/1 Training Package

3 month programme - Three x 1/2/1 Training sessions a month(60 mins). Email/Messaging support.

£674.99 (£75 per session)

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Training of malinois puppy

Platinum 1/2/1 Training Package

6 month programme - Three x 1/2/1 Training sessions a month(60 mins). Email/Messaging/Telephone support.

£1259.99 (£70 per session) or 3 monthly payments of £420 

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1/2/1 Behavioural Modification

The adult training package is designed to help us focus on any problems you are having with your dog. We start with an initial consultation in the home to assess the dogs behaviour and formulate the best plan to deal with the issues you are experiencing. We will introduce a couple of exercises to work on until the next session. 

The next phase of the training we will  focus on management and reduction of the problematic behaviours.

Common problematic behaviours we can help with: Recall, Resource guarding, jumping up, excessive barking, reactivity towards people & dogs, problems in the home, hyperactivity, introducing a new dog, introducing a new baby, plus much more.

The minimum number of sessions required is two but we always recommend four sessions to get the best results. 


*A charge of £25 will be added to all 1/2/1 sessions where travelling over 10 miles from PHDT HQ in Benfleet is incurred.


Cute young girl on a walk with a beautiful beautiful dog in the park.

Our Behavioural Modification Training Packages

Young handsome guy teaches his big dog to the rules sitting on the sofa in the living room of his country house. Dog training concept

Silver - Behaviour Modification Package

Two x 1/2/1Training sessions (60 mins). Email/Messaging support. 

£159.99(£80 per session)

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A german shepherd puppy dog a leash with its owner on in a winter urban environment with snowfall

Gold - Behaviour Modification Package

Four x 1/2/1Training sessions (60 mins). Email/Messaging support. 

£299.99(£75 per session)

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Board & Train (From Jan 2024

Welcome to Our Board & Train Program

At Paul Haylock Dog Training, we understand that every dog is unique and may have different training needs. That's why we offer our comprehensive Board & Train program, designed to provide your furry companion with top-notch training while they stay with us.

Why Choose Our Board & Train Program?

Professional Expertise: Our team of experienced trainers is dedicated to ensuring your dog receives the best care and training possible.

Personalized Training: We tailor our training programs to meet the specific needs and goals of each dog, whether they need basic obedience or specialised behavior modification. It may even be a puppy that you want to ensure that the training you have worked so hard to introduce is not unintentionally undone by a family member or friend.

Safe and Comfortable Environment: Your dog will stay in a clean, safe, and comfortable facility, ensuring their well-being throughout their training journey.

What's Included in Our Board & Train Program?

  1. Basic Obedience: Sit, stay, come, and leash walking.

  2. Behavior Modification: Addressing common behavioral issues such as jumping, barking, or aggression.

  3. Socialization: Encouraging positive interactions with other dogs and people.

  4. Daily Exercise: Ensuring your dog gets the physical activity they need.

  5. Regular Progress Updates: We'll keep you informed about your dog's progress throughout their stay.

How It Works

  1. Consultation: We start with an initial consultation to understand your dog's specific needs and goals.

  2. Boarding and Training: Your dog will stay with us, where they will receive training sessions, playtime, and socialization.

  3. Regular Updates: We'll provide regular updates on your dog's progress, along with any tips and techniques for you to continue their training at home.

  4. Reunion: When your dog completes the program, we'll provide a thorough handover, ensuring you know how to maintain their newfound skills.

Book Your Dog's Training Adventure Today

Give your dog the gift of training and a more enriched life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started with our Board & Train program.

Cute teenage girl hugging a german shepherd puppy. Cute young woman with a puppy dog in nature.

Our Board & Train Packages

English Cocker Spaniel dog playing and running in a river with a blue ball in his mouth

2 Week Board & Train

£1399 (£100 a day)

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Beautiful Doberman and Little Girl in Police Costume

3 Week Board & Train

£2099 (£100 a day)

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The young girl sits on sand with a dog, on the beach, the island Samui, Thailand, take a selfie with a dog

4 Week Board & Train

£2799 (£100 a day)

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