Puppy Pre-school

Come join the fun on Paul's Puppy Pre-school!!!

The course is filled with real life training scenarios and there’s plenty of fun to be had along the way. Classes include general obedience, lead handling & lead walking, settling down exercises, controlled socialisation with other dogs, introduction to recall and much much more.

Paul’s classes are not to be missed. Heres what one of his previous clients had to say.

"We’ve just finished our puppy training course with Paul. When we started week 1 our Harlyn was the crazy puppy that wasn’t listening and we wondered if classes were a good idea. We listened to every single Thing Paul said, practiced every day out on walks etc and by week 5 he won every single competition!!! We can’t believe the improvement. Paul helps you to understand and is very hands on in showing you how. Thanks you for all your help Paul"

Taylor Phillips & Harlyn

Book early to avoid disappointment LIMITED AVAILABILITY for each group

6 week Courses take place on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings

Tuesday Classes - 715pm - 8pm. St Cedds Church Hall, Bridgewater Drive, Leigh on Sea SS0 0DS

Future course dates

April 23rd - May 28th 

June 4th -  July 9th

July 16th - August 20th

NEW FOR 2024

Wednesday Classes - 715pm - 8pm. Mill Hall Arts & Events Centre, Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh SS6 7ED


Future course dates

  May 8th - June 12th

  June 19th - July 24th

  July 31st - Sept 4th 


Sunday classes - 915am - 10am

From Sun 21st April we will be moving to our outside venue at Eastwood Primary School, Rayleigh Rd, Eastwood SS9 5UT

Future course dates

 April 21st - May 26th

June 2nd - July 7th

July 14th - Aug 18th

Our Puppy Pre-School Packages

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Bronze Puppy Pre-School

6 week puppy pre-school including email/messaging support. 

£120 (£20 a session)

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German shepherd puppy playing with a ball

Bronze plus Puppy Pre-school

6 week puppy pre-school (£120), One x 1/2/1 training session(£80 a session), email/messaging support.


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Silver Puppy Pre-School - Most popular

3 Month Programme - 6 week puppy pre-school (£120), Two x 1/2/1 training sessions(£80 a session), email/messaging support.


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Gold Puppy Pre-School

6 Month Programme - 6 week puppy pre-school (£120), Four x 1/2/1 training sessions(£75 a session), email/messaging support.


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Puppy Training FAQ

Why are your classes £20 when other companies run them for £5/£10?

This is because we limit the number of puppies in the class, so that training is done correctly. If there's too many puppies in one class it's just far too distracting and too stressful for you as owners. We do not have puppies off lead just running around having a complete free for all. Many puppy classes solely focus on the numbers, claiming this is good socialistion. Its not!! They are solely based on numbers to try and make more money. Puppies need to learn how to behave correctly in the presence of other dogs first, before being allowed of lead.

What age does my puppy have to be to attend classes?

Providing your puppy has had its first vaccination then it is eligible to attend classes. The classes are for puppies aged 9 weeks - 24 weeks of age(6 months).

Puppies older than 6 months arent suitable for puppy classes and would need to be signed up to one of our 1/2/1 packages for training.

Does my dog have to be fully vaccinated to attend classes?

You puppy is welcome to come to come to puppy classes as long as they have had their first vaccination. This is in line with the WSAVA(World Small Animal Veterinary Association) recommendation. As the risk of exposure to disease in puppy class is very low and puppy socialisation is extremely important to prevent fear and/or aggression in later life.

This applies to our indoor puppy classes ONLY. Outdoor classes we recommend full vaccination.

My VET told me they should be fully vaccinated and even once vaccinated to leave it several days before going out?

Unfortunately there is alot of unneccasary scaremongering in the veterinary world around vaccinations. Your puppies socialisation period stops around 16 weeks of age. This period is absolutely critical to get right. Vets dont have to deal with the fall out of poorly or under socialised dogs. We've had vets tell clients to not let there puppy outside for up to 16 weeks because of problems around vaccinations. This is ludicrous!! You must socialise your puppy and get them experiencing the world, sooner rather than later. There's no going back, you have one chance to get it right!!

What will my puppy learn in classes?

Classes include general obedience, sit, down, stay, lead walking & lead handling, settling down exercises, trick training, controlled socialistion with other dogs, intro to recall and much much more.

The key focus is around real life scenarios and teaching your puppy how to behave in the presence of other dogs(good manners). 

There's also plenty of fun to be had along the way with puppy push ups, doggy dash racing and prizes to be earnt.